ONLY E-BOOK (epub and mobi)

Format = $300

Format + Cover = $500

Format + Deluxe Cover = $800


Format = $1000

Format + Deluxe Cover = $1500


Format = $1200

Format + Deluxe Cover = $2000



1 ISBN=$150

10 ISBNs=$325

ISBNs are from Bowker Identifier Services and will be registered to you, not our company, so you will truly be self-publishing.


List with Library of Congress + CIP Data=$200

previously published books not eligible


250 Bookmarks or Postcards=$100

Maximize Your Amazon Listing (title, description, keywords, SEO/category optimization)=$250

List of 100 reviewer emails who have reviewed similar books to yours on Amazon. These email results are from public Amazon data, and reviews generated from this list are within Amazon’s guidelines for reviews. Includes instructions to use this list = $250

MARKETING COMBO PACKAGE: Maximize Amazon listing PLUS List of 100 reviewer emails = $400


These prices assume a standard fiction or nonfiction work that will be a simple trade paperback format with a 6″ x 9″ trim or similar. Photos and images that can appear as black and white in the book are OK, and we can convert jpeg images to greyscale at no cost. Other sorts of books such as children’s books, cookbooks, and textbooks that require specialized formatting, binding, and/or distribution may be subject to different pricing–please contact us for discussion of your project and a quote.

These prices assume a Word document with 12 point font and double-spaced text. You may provide a formatted cover according to standard specifications rather than paying us to develop a cover. We will work with you to develop a cover if you wish to do this yourself.

For your own protection, you must verify before publishing that you have the rights to the text, illustrations, and table data of your book. EBook Conversion and Listing Services is not responsible for obtaining or confirming these rights.

Format includes:

  • insertion of up to 10 jpeg illustrations, charts, or diagrams that you provide.
  • insertion of up to 10 hyperlinks or footnotes.
  • clickable table of contents for e-book and regular table of contents with accurate page numbers for print book.
  • provision of small royalty-free illustrations for section dividers, chapter headings etc. if desired.
  • 5 changes to text either before or after publication.
  • advice for forming a publishing company, ISBN, book price, finding a printer, and marketing tactics.
  • satisfaction guaranteed.

Cover includes:

  • one or more designs.
  • close consultation and modification as appropriate.
  • satisfaction guaranteed.

Publishing includes:

  • cover and interior approval.
  • establishment of accounts in your name onto printer site and Amazon.
  • set-up of electronic secure automatic payment channels to your bank account.
  • loading files onto printer site and Amazon.
  • written instructions with screen illustrations that explain how to access your printer account and Amazon account to change book price or receive ongoing information about your book. Depending on your preferences, instructions can be printed on paper and/or on PDF file for your computers.
  • Free or low-cost book modifications after publication. Discuss project for quote.
  • availability for questions and guidance even after book is published.

Extra Charges:

  • $10 per image that needs to be scanned.
  • $0.50 for each additional illustration, chart, diagram, hyperlink, or footnote.
  • $5 for each additional change to text.
  • $150 translation from a PDF for a manuscript up to 300 pages. Write to us if you have a larger project.

A La Carte Services:

The following extra services are available. Contact EBook Conversion and Listing Services for a customized estimate of your project:

  • Transcription of handwritten or typed material.
  • Book project evaluation and feedback.
  • Editing (one to five cents per word, depending on editing level desired).